what is the difference between torrent and magnet link

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This video explains how to use download torrent option and it also explains how to use the magnet link.

Step 1 : Go to kat.cr
Step 2: Search the desired movie
Step 3: Now you download the torrent file and save to harddrive
Step 4: You can also click the magnet link to begin your download

Why do you want to save the torrent ?

lets assume you saw a good movie and it has a classy audio and video ratings and you want to share the same with your friends then all you have to do is sending the torrent file to them via app or email or any option you have. once they receive the file and we are assuming they might be utorrent or may some other torrent software like vuze or filestream, the moment your friends double click on that file and that will trigger the torrent software and now they can download the same thing what you had.

Note : There is more technical explanation to talk about difference between torrent file and magnet link but i am keeping things short and simple here. you can google it for more details or If you want i can make a video.

Hope this helps
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