Comics To Invest In Before It's Too Late - Spring 2021 - Top 10 Comics! Comics To Invest In 2021!


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CoMo Comic Books is back with another Top 10 Comics list! In this video, we tackle the Top 10 Comics To Invest In Before It's Too Late for the Spring of 2021! This is our most recent list of comic book recommendations, featuring books that we have identified as collecting or investing priorities, often with increasing interest in the market and values.

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The confines of a Top 10 Comics list keep us from being able to include every book we'd like to, but we strive to provide an eclectic list of options, hopefully some of which are not just the same old 10 comics everyone else is talking about.

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00:00​​ - Intro
01:56​​ - 10: Amazing Spider-Man 124
03:12​​ - 9: Incredible Hulk 449
04:09​​ - 8: Dreamwalker 0
05:49​​ - 7: SHAZAM! 28
06:58​​ - 6: Iron Man 282
08:04​​ - 5: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 47
10:15​​ - 4: Marvel Premiere 15
12:02​​ - 3: Fantastic Four Annual 6
13:53​​ - 2: Spawn 174
xx:xx - Paid Promotion
16:01​​ - 1: Tales of Suspense 50
19:31​​ - Outro

Investing in comics is just like investing in anything else, there are no sure things and risk is involved. The comic market has stayed strong despite the craziness of 2020. If you're looking for other comic books to invest in, be sure to check out our playlist of Top 10 Comic Books videos. Comic prices and comic values fluctuate daily. Subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with the market!

Subscribe to our channel for the best tips and tricks that will help you take your comic book collection to the next level!

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