换换爱 Why Why Love Ep 10 1/2 - My Fav. Part

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enjoy the first confession ^^ and the third KISS :)


HD hugging JD from behind and the kiss:

JD: You...
HD: Do you have something to say?
JD: What... what...
HD: Don't say bad words.
JD: What are you doing?!
HD: Then what do you want to do? And what do you think I want to do? If you want to say something, then say it.
JD: You.. do you...
JD: Aiyo! Why can't I say "like me" these words? What is this right now? Become the new woman of the era, just ask! It's him who hugged me first! Don't I have the qualifications to ask him clearly?
HD: Hey! What exactly do you want to say?
JD: Do you... (did you)... forget to call the company to ask for leave?
HD: Rubbish.
HD: I won't let you go. I have something to say to you.
HD: I hate beating around the bush. Actually, there's something I want to ask you. Do you dare to...
JD: Why did you stop halfway? Dare to do what? I even dared to do the motorcycle stunt. What else is there that I don't dare to do?
HD: ...be my girlfriend?
JD: Huh? Did you just say.. you want me.. to be.. your.. girl...
*hot kiss*
HD: Um, actually I've made it clear with YS. Because YS chose HY...
JD: What's the meaning of this? She didn't choose you so only then do you choose me?
HD: What about you?
JD: What about me?!
HD: If YS really is with HY, didn't you also say it was impossible between you and 10th Guy? So, let's be a couple then.
JD: That's it?
HD: What?
JD: We'll be a couple?!
HD: I'm seeing if you will dare to be my girlfriend.
JD: Because YS doesn't want you, because there's no one else, so you come to provoke me? You're only turning me into a substitute!
HD: Do you have some delusional illness?
JD: I know now. It's because of YS, you're afraid I'll snatch GM from her.
HD: Ah! And now there's also the big-headed illness. Are you able you snatch him away?
JD: You!!
HD: The situation is very obvious right now. At HY's side, you'll just end up eating turtles, and you're simply not YS's match. So when the time comes, your tears are still for me to clean up.
JD: Fine, I won't force you Huo Da E Shao. Even if I eat turtles, eat tortoises, eat sea dragon king, I still don't want to be a couple with you! Don't want to! Don't want to! Don't...
JD: If I say it three times, then it's for real...
HD: Hey! Are you blushing? Liang Jia Chu Nu is really... troublesome!
JD: Get out of the way!
HD: Hey!
JD: Don't touch me!
HD: You're so strange! You're mad and won't let me lead you. Then why did you just let me kiss you?
JD: Let me go! So annoying!

credits to pistachio from AF Forum
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