ZATOICHI 12: Zatoichi and the Chess Expert 1965 Engsub (座頭市地獄旅, Zatōichi jigoku-tabi)

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ZATOICHI SEASON 4 Ep12 - Zatoichi and the Chess Expert 1965 Engsub : Kenji Misumi, who directed the first installment of the Zatoichi series, returns with this tale in which the blind swordsman once again finds himself the protector of a child: a little girl pursued by both devious family members and bloodthirsty ruffians. Further complicating his journey is a new acquaintance--a tremendously skilled chess player who has mysterious motivations and a dark past.

On a boat trip to Honshu island, Zatoichi (Katsu) makes the acquaintance of Jumonji (Narita), an expert shogi (Japanese chess) player and swordsman. Once on Honshu, a group of men that had tried to cheat Zatoichi at dice try to take revenge upon him- only for Ichi to turn the tables on them in the tussle. However, Miki, the niece of a woman named Otane, is injured in the confusion, compelling Ichi to go to great lengths to procure the medicine needed to cure her injury. When she recovers, the child sincerely thanks him, leaving him overwrought with emotion...


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