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Elite is a serious drama series, but gather 20-something-year-olds in one room and no mystery murder solving can prevent them from laughing out loud! Watch our video about Elite bloopers to find out what hilarious moments happened to the cast behind the scenes! Don’t miss this super cool Elite details that will make you laugh hard! Meet your favourite cast, including Miguel Bernardeau from a different side! Watch funny moments between Omar Ayuso and other cast members! Why did he apologize so much? Find out the answer from this great Netflix Espana materials! Catch up crazy Mina El Hammani moments behind the camera! Watch one of the coolest Danna Paola on-set pranks! Learn more about Itzan Escamilla and his co-star who plays Marina, Maria Pedraza. This video is full of not only cool bloopers but also sweet moments that stars of the show, including Aron Piper and his lovely co-star Ester Exposito, shared. Laugh together with us at these Elite funny moments in our video! We’ve gathered the best Elite cast funny moments you cannot miss. Check out our compilation of funniest moments from season one and season two, while waiting for season 3! Find out more behind the scenes details from our video! El reparto reacciona a las tomas falsas de Élite son graciosos! Ver divertido detras de сamaras élite en nuestro video! Get ready for Elite season 4!

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