Desh Ki Beti Nandini - Episode 27 - 20th November 2013

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Rani Ambika's Grand Birthday Party - Uttara comes up with a plan to injure Nandani. Rajveer rushes to save Nandani and light moments takes place between Rajveer and Nandani. Romantic dance performance takes place between Nandani and Rajveer. Tauji makes fun of Rajveer's political career in front of Gayatri Devi. Will Nandani fall in love with Rajveer?

"Desh Ki Beti... Nandini is the story of a simple, young and cheerful girl-next-door called Nandini hailing from a middle class family in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Nandini hails from a middle class family. Her father Ashok Pandey, is a retired government officer and mother Aanchal Pandey, a loving homemaker. She has an elder brother, Siddhart who is struggling to find a stable job and a younger college going sister, Ritu, who loves the world of fashion.
While retired Ashok is still waiting to receive his pension money and Siddhath is looking for a stable job, Nandini is the sole bread winner of the family, who is working as a wedding planner.
She is not only a responsible family member but also a responsible citizen, who believes in addressing daily life social problems instead of just complaining about them. Empathy, kindness, hard work and a zest to help others are the virtues she has been gifted with since childhood. For a girl, who has always fought for the right things and faced the challenges it brings with her optimism, will she be able to run a nation the way she runs her home?
Will she truly become the epitome of women empowerment?
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